Tuesday, October 24, 2006

dead treasurer

All of Gamma 10 (except for the non-existant 3rd floor) are at dinner and
talking about high school.

Brandon- Yeah, so I took this health class in senior year, but instead of
being filled with freshmen, it was filled with seniors. I couldn't figure
out why. Then, when I walked in on my first day, I saw the teacher. She was
this hot blond.
Table: Oh?
Brandon- And she had brains too! That's pretty rare.

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All of Gamma 10 is at dinner.

Pat, the RA, returns from his RA meeting and holds up an event idea list.

Pat- So, I was thinking of having a lan party, but yet extended to other
systems and all. I was going to call it Extravaganza bonanza. What do you
guys think.
August and Joe: YAY!
Darcie- When is it?
Pat- December 1st.
Sam- Shit.
Pat- What.
Sam- Guess who's coming up that weekend?
Entire table bursts out laughing.
Pat- *scoots away and proceeds to use tray as a shield*

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Awkwardness goes to WWU

Pat= Gamma 10's RA
August= Random resident of Gamma 10

Pat- Let's go back now
August- Are you anxious to return to the "batcave"?
Pat- Did Ted tell you I called it that?
August- no...
*awkward silence*
*all shuffle to the dish conveyor belt*