Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Signs you've been together for a while

 Sam is talking to Jacob and runs to get a chore done and when she comes back, conversation resumes.... however... all of a sudden:

"Jacob": Get me a sandwich, woman!
Sam: ... You have legs
"Jacob": And you have boobs
Sam: Hello, Nathan
"Jacob": Damn.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sense of timeing

Jackson: make it go
Sam: make what go?
Jackson: the plans
Sam: eh?
Jackson: the ones that havent been made
Sam: ... I am not making plans
Jackson: rick!
: Auto-response sent to Group Conversation: I am currently idle.
Jackson: lol
Jackson: that was kinda funny timming....
Sam: yeah it was

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


[00:10] Rick: hey, you would be proud, yesterday i was on a date with an older woman
[00:11] Zack: really?
[00:11] Zack: That's exciting
[00:11] Rick: ... my mother
[00:11] Zack: Did it get steamy and
[00:11] Zack: never mind

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

He’s suppose to be the genius

on the way "back" from richland
rick: crap!
Jackson-Garret: what?
rick: look familiar?
Jackson: um not really....
rick: (points to sign above freeway)
Jackson: Crap!
Garret: what?
Jackson: were back at walmart! rick u idiot!
we had just made a 30 min loop and arrived back at our starting point rick was driving of course

Sunday, November 20, 2005


[13:37] Sam: Guess what else- I bought new ear-rings
[13:37] Rick: spiffy
[13:37] Sam: they're all dangly and crap

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What a typo!

[22:30] Sam: gah- es ist bedtime
[22:30] Sam: after I listen to this song
[22:30] Rick: lol
[22:30] Sam: Whaat
[22:30] Sam: I heart "You and Me" by lifehouse
[22:30] Rick: i dont think bedtime is german
[22:31] Sam: es ist bettzeit
[22:31] Sam: how's that
[22:31] Rick: better
[22:31] Sam: Ich bin voll
[22:31] Sam: sehr voll
[22:31] Rick: Du KENNT du bist voll
[22:31] Rick: Nicht so
[22:32] Sam: You know you are drunk?
[22:32] Rick: ...
[22:32] Rick: i wasnt aware
[22:32] Sam: that grammar is horrible, rick
[22:32] Rick: ah well
[22:32] Sam: you should be ashamed
[22:32] * Rick is not ashamed
[22:32] Sam: I shall beat you with this big stick
[22:32] * Rick is not afraid
[22:32] Sam: *beats rick with a big dick* ARE YOU ASHAMED?
[22:33] Sam: CRAP
[22:33] Sam: *STICK
[22:33] Rick: OMG
[22:33] Rick: LMFAO
[22:34] Sam: BE ASHAMED!
[22:35] Rick: too busy laughing


Christy: I'm not a native! I live here!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Remote Desktop

"its an administrative tool, not a abyss of evil"

- Rick (regarding Remote Desktop, when asked if he was
using it to tunnel backwards onto another computer)

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Fairy's all around...

Rick: So I picked up some information at the high school... I think I may audition for the next school play
Rick's Mom: Thats great, what is it?
Rick: Peater Pan
Rick's Mom: ... Just don't play Tinkerbell


(I like this quote)
No guy is worth your tears,
And the one who is won't make you cry

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Bad windows no screen saver!
(Ricks v Blog)

Thursday, November 03, 2005


(Durring a bad day for Fawn)
Fawn: Everyone expects me to be so happy and gay!
(Rick durring her relation of the story: There are three kinds anyway, happy, homosexual, and stupid)

Rick's Mom

(She walks out after finding a movie)
Rick's Mom: Your room is the black hole of Calcutta.  You would be lucky to find anything!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Everyone can now post to The Quote Book

I have a system now setup so that anyone can post the the online quote book!  It's as simple as email too.  Just write a new email to with the people involved in the subject.  Then write the quote in standard form in the body.  The post appears instantly on the site.
If you ever need to reach the owner of "The Quote Book", A.K.A. me, simply include the word "notquote" in the subject and its left for me to read!  Thanks!

Sam's Mother + Nathan

Sam's Mom: I'm not comfortable with you having three guys in your room!
Nathan: We're having an orgy!
(other conversation)
Sam's Mom: Are you downloading something in there?
Nathan: Yes, ... gigs and gigs of porn!
(Sam's Mom walks in)
(Sam's mom sprays children with squirt bottle; Nathan uses Sam as a sheild and screams like a small girl)

(Later Sam's mom walks in and squits Nathan again)


Rick: It's "Less then three" (<3)
Alicia: It's two?